Over the past week, Year 3 have been looking at how alliteration can help persuade people to buy products.

Using alliteration, can you make these Christmassy items stand out even more?

EG Dazzling Decorations.

Choose five from this festive list.

  • angels
  • bells
  • Bethlehem
  • candles
  • candy canes
  • cards
  • chimney
  • Christmas tree
  • cold
  • December
  • decorations
  • elves
  • festival
  • gifts
  • holiday
  • holly
  • icicles
  • lights
  • mistletoe
  • Noel
  • North Pole
  • presents
  • reindeer
  • ribbon
  • sleigh bells
  • snowflakes
  • star
  • tinsel
  • toys
  • turkey
  • Winter
  • wrapping paper
  • wreath

Remember, when posting; click leave a comment. When you have typed your comments, write your name and a false email (eg 1@abc.co.uk). Have a lovely weekend.

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Christmas Blogging Challenge!

Can you write 5 really interesting sentences about this winter scene?

Think about:

  • Who is in the picture?
  • Where is the setting?
  • What’s happening?

The winner for your class will be announced in our first good news assembly of 2018 and will receive 50 house points! Merry Christmas and good luck!

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Wednesday Blogging!

Today is Wednesday. Some people call it the hump day of the week.

Which day is your favourite day and why? Try to use exciting vocabulary!

Challenge! Can you use the subordinating conjunction when?

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First 5 sentence challenge!

Welcome to your class blog year 3! There is going to be a challenge posted every two weeks on here. For this, you will be given something to write five sentences about. Your challenge is to make them as exciting and as interesting as possible! If you win, you will get 50 house points for your team!

For your first prompt, we are going back into history. Look at the picture above. You will see from what the characters are wearing that the picture is not set in the present day. You could try writing your sentences in the past tense.

Things to think about:

1. What era is this picture showing?
2. What are some of the occupations you can see?
3. If you were there, which activity would you like to choose?

4. What is different here to the present day?

You have until 23rd August to submit your entry. The winner will be announced during the Good News assembly. Good luck!


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Blog header winners!

Well done to the following children, who each have received 10 house points, for designing a fabulous blog header: Ella, Daniel M, Sean, Alexia and Josephine.

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Today we completed our Sparkle writing. We wrote about a small toy boat who went on a rather large adventure!

3L, which part of the adventure was the most exciting and why?

Remember to write in full sentences with a CL and FS!

To watch the video, click below.


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Testing, Testing!

Are you there Year 3?

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